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The Empress Package

Rose Bomb – Kshs 1450/-
Vitamin C + Turmeric Serum-
Kshs 1850/-
Organic Shea Butter – kshs 1400/-

Total – 4650/-

Now – 4599/- plus free delivery within Kenya


  1. Joyce T

    Anyone who has not used your products is missing out. This is my holy grail. It works for my skin. Top notch products.

  2. Esther

    I ordered these empress package from the States.  My friend did the transaction for me and brought it for me from Kenya. 
    She noticed how the customer service were very kind and professional.  She placed the order smoothly and in 2 days the products were delivered very well secured and packed to her in their upcountry home. 
    She was very impressed. She literally sent me pics to show me how nice the packaging was.
    I finally got my products, the Rose bomb oil is my personal favorite.  Smells so good and feels heavenly.  I’m in love with the oil as it leaves the skin extremely smooth and poreless.. did I mention it smells amazing?
    I wish I bought like 5 bottles.
    I also love,  love the Vitamin C serum. It is very sheer and not sticky serum (I don’t like sticky serums) You can use the serum as a nighttime regiment or as makeup base.  
    So far I’ve used the shea butter on my hands as I tend to overwash my hands.  It’s very moisturizing and thankfully doesn’t have a strong Shea smell…I guess that’s the beauty of having Nilotica shea butter and olein acid.  You go Untamed Beauty, absolute best!!
    I’m exclusively going to apply just the Vitamin C serum,  Rose bomb oil and Shea for a month so I can see just how great my skin will be.
    I’ll keep y’all posted in a month’s time.
    P.S, I can’t wait for calendula bomb oil 😍

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