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Our Repair – Rose Bomb Oil deals with problematic and damaged skin such as rashes, bacterial acne, eczema, funguses, hyper -pigmentation, dry skin and more.  

Made with 100% pure plant extracts, herbs and natural mineral ingredients, you will not find any harmful fillers, preservatives or chemicals added. We uniquely formulated each oil by selecting the perfect ingredients to blend together harmoniously.

Oils are a pure form of moisturizer that seamlessly absorbs into the deeper layers of your skin leaving it soft, nourished and glowing! Perfect for all skin type

Rose Bomb Oil seamlessly absorbs into skin and is perfect for morning or night time application.

Our Super Ingredients: 
1. Grape Seed Oil – Rich in linoleic acid and omega -6 fatty acids that helps control acne decreasing clogged pores while lightening acne scars.
2. Jojoba Seed Oil – Being very similar to human skin oils, its use can trick the skin into ‘’thinking’’ it has produced enough oil and thus balance oil production, without promoting acne or other skin problems. It’s also a great moisturiser and naturally deters microbes, helping to prevent growth of bacteria on skin.
3. Rose Hip Seed Oil – With high levels of Vitamin C, it helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin, and helps fight free – radicals on skin.
4. Vitamin E – Reduces inflammation, makes the skin look younger, improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks and lessens itchiness.
5. Tea Tree Leaf Oil – Its a popular choice for treating acne because of anti- inflammatory and anti- microbial properties. It calms redness, swelling and reduces acne scars.
6. Cinnamon Bark – Used by the Nubian Egyptians over 5,000+ years ago, for calming dry skin, addressing rashes, acne and infections while reviving the skin tone.
7. Organic Dry Rose Petals – Helps reduce excess oils,  assists in tightening and shrinking large pores. Cleans and tones the skin.
Use the dropper to apply 3-4 drops into your clean palm of your hand, and directly onto desired area. Rub oil together to warm it up and apply skin in circular motions.
Use oil on toned skin, in the morning before you put makeup or before bed.


13 reviews for PRE – ORDER – Repair Rose Bomb Oil

  1. Wambui Kim

    The service is very very good. I called and the person on the other line took the time to advice me on how to use Rose Bomb Oil.
    I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I can already say the itchiness and dryness is gone. I’m sure in another 4 weeks I’ll give a more elaborate comment.

    Customer Care – 5 stars
    Delivery – 5 Stars
    Products – 5 stars

  2. Nancy

    My son started to use this Rose Bomb Oil. 8 days later the acne has started to dry. This is after trying everything. I’m also using it for a week now can feel a lot of difference.

    While here let me say your Shea butter is the best. My younger daughter suffered from eczema and it’s the only thing that has worked for him.

    Thank you for the quality products.

  3. Rono

    I don’t know what’s in this Rose Bomb Oil. A few days of using it and I’m glowing. Even my husband asked if I slept with my make up. I wasn’t. It’s the Rose Bomb Oil.

  4. Leah Njeri

    I’ve struggled with very bad acne for the last 5 years. Nothing has been working. For the last three weeks I’ve been using Vitamin C serum and Rose Bomb Oil. The acne has dried up. I can’t believe it. This is the first oil that has done this.
    I can’t wait to see what I’ll look like in the next 4 months.

  5. Sanaa

    This oil works. My acne has significantly reduced. I have WhatsApped the before and after pics. I’ve been using it for the last two weeks.

  6. Sia

    I’ve been using Untamed Beauty products and they don’t disappoint. I always stock up on Rose Bomb Oil and Vitamin C serum. My face looks very smooth. It works.

  7. Sia

    I don’t know what magic is in this oil. I’m just here to say it works. My hubby even asked if I am applying makeup Nikilala. Very good.

  8. Amina

    I just want to say this oil works. My skin is dry and flaky and one week later I can see so much improvement.

  9. Anyango A

    I have struggled with acne. I spoke to one Neomi at Untamed Beauty who gave me a skin regimen. After using Rose Bomb for one month there’s a lot of improvement. I’m very excited.

  10. Diana

    I love the Rose bomb oil, has worked very well for my skin.

  11. Andrea

    This is the bomb!It smells amazing and has tones of great ingredients.

    My friends noticed I have a glow after using it.

    Definitely gonna restock.

  12. Esther

    Rose bomb oil is my favorite.  Smells so good and feels heavenly.  I’m in love with the oil as it leaves the skin extremely smooth and poreless.. did I mention it smells amazing?
    I wish I bought like 5 bottles.
    P.S, I can’t wait for calendula bomb oil 😍

  13. Camari

    I’m on my 14th bottle. My skin loves loves loves it.

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