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"When you buy from us, you empower and create jobs for the women in rural Africa where we source our ingredients from."

We are committed to offering the world an organic skin care line focused on creating the highest quality handcrafted, organic,  and non-GMO products. Our skin care is 100% natural.  We have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers around the world.

Our skin care products contains no fillers or harsh preservatives, and is made with 100% organic ingredients.  If you are looking for a solid organic brand to switch to that won’t break the bank- start with Untamed Beauty Kenya. 
We source our ingredients straight from the farms of our Great Aunties in the villages and the wild of Africa. By doing so, we empower the women in the village economically by paying for the RAW ingredients at a  very fair price which enables them to take care of their families and educate their children. 
We also believe it’s our responsibility to take care of Mother Earth, who offers us her natural healing gifts freely to us,  hence you will see that reflected in our products and packaging which is environmental friendly.


''What we put on our skin will end up in the body, and what we put in our body will end up on our skin.''

Ms. B Wangeci:

”What we put on our skin will end up in the body, and what we put on our body will end up on our skin.”

This journey starts seven years ago, when I became a mother.  Like most mothers, I was excited to begin this new journey. My son was healthy and happy. However, eczema would attack his young skin like it does most babies. Many prescribed ointment and creams were not effective.

A great auntie from the village heard of our predicament; sent a jar of freshly made Shea Butter found at the source of River Nile and a small bottle of flower/plant infused oils, to apply on my son’s skin. In a weeks time his skin was clear. It seemed like MAGIC!! I wanted to know more about this hand made butter and plant infused oils. I started to use them too, and my skin looked great. 

My friends, colleagues  and relatives started to use these butters and oils. They loved them. Their skin wanted more. I knew I  had to share this with the world. 

Driven by a passion for healthy skin, using  natural and organic ingredients derived from plants and herbs, I wanted to learn more. A visit to the village to see the great auntie would have her share with me wisdom passed over to her by the great matriarchs before her.  
Some of these recipes were thousands of years old. They taught the deep connection our ancestors had with Mother earth and nature to heal, repair and rejuvenate. This new revelations would see me on a research journey for many years. The findings were phenomenal.

At the back of my mind, I knew the day  I would quit my career in the legal corporate sector, I would pursue my passion  – Beauty. But I wanted to do it with a difference.  I also knew I had to share with the world some of the most original secrets of our ancestors who lived in Africa, and  had a deep connection with nature, by creating a naturally based and effective organic skin care to repair, hydrate, heal and rejuvenate our skin.

Untamed Beauty Kenya has given my team and I the opportunity to create the kind of company I once dreamed of a few years ago.

A company that connects us to nature, and regards sustainability.

I am also inspired to keep moving by the many customers who have taken their time to write to us, and give us encouraging feedback on how our natural products have changed their lives and that of their loved ones for better.

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2. Orders outside Kenya but within Africa  –  3 days to 7 days ( DHL)
3. Orders outside Africa ( Rest of the world) – 5 to 10 days ( DHL Express), standard on the website.  5 to 8 days 


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